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House Of Virgin Mary

Half an hour from Kuşadası, 27 km from the Virgin Mary’s House, is located on Mount Bulbul. As you get closer to the top of the mountain, the mystical air surrounds you and almost fizzles.

6 years after the death of Jesus, St. It is known that John brought Mother Mary to Ephesus.
In 1891, Lazarist priests revealed that this house was the site of the study of the house of the Virgin Mary on the dream of German nunnery A. Katherina Emerich.

This event has become a new invention in the world of Christianity and shed light on the world of religion. This structure, which is cross-planned and domed, was later restored. In the house which is regarded as sacred by Muslims, Pope VI. After Paul’s visit in 1967, rituals are held on the 15th day of August every year, and these rites are of great interest.

A.C. 37-48 years believed to be in Ephesus. It is accepted that Jean came here with Mary and that Mother Mary lived here and died in 44 years.

Despite being described as a house, this is actually a chapel with a planned cross. The walls 6-7. century or later. But around the house A.C. Roman structures and mosaics, dating to the 1st century BC, were found. The ‘Grave’ that should have been near the house was not found.

From 1896 onward, Catholics began to visit every year with the permission of the Izmir Catholic Church. The Virgin Mary’s House, which seemed to have been forgotten until 1950, came back to life afterwards. In this period, the restoration of the house and the environmental regulation were done. In 1967 Pope VI. Paul and Pope II in 1979. It was visited by Jean Paul and registered as a cross place.

Especially Vatican representatives are participating in the annual August 15 rites. In addition, since 1985, in the Church of the Virgin Mary at Ephesus, the first Sunday of the anniversary of the Council meeting is held.

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